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I was just reminded of this story, and realized that I hadn’t re-posted it after my previous blog ‘crashed’. Back in the days when I used a wheelchair or a cane, I was driving on Danforth Avenue in the rain. I was in a long line of traffic, and the cars ahead of me were stopped for a light. I stopped too, but the taxi behind me did not! He hit the back of my car. I got out, grabbing my peppermint-pink cane to help me stand up and walk. I went to the back of the car to see if there was any damage to the vehicles, where the taxi driver was standing. There wasn’t any damage, but he wasn’t looking at the cars. He was staring at my cane with a look of horror on his face. He said “Oh my God, lady! Please tell me you were already like that before I hit you!” I laughed all the way home and for days afterwards, whenever I thought of his shocked expression!

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