The Impact of Low-Vision or Blindness on Substance Abuse

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It is very difficult to find counselling material in Braille or large print;

Being unable to see or read clearly may make it very difficult to follow a substance-withdrawal or treatment program;

Family and friends who are not familiar with symptoms of substance abuse may believe that unusual behaviours are related to the loss of vision, thereby delaying identification and treatment of the problem;

The Impact of Substance Abuse on People Who Have Low-Vision or Blindness

Substance abuse may interfere with the proper use of prescribed medications;

Some drug abuse may cause serious increases in blood pressure, aggravating some of the conditions that lead to blindness or low vision;

Impairment caused by substance abuse would interfere with an individual’s ability to learn Braille;

Substance abuse would have a negative effect on interaction between the consumer and Guide or Assistance animals;

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